Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great sale this week

This weekend started out depressing with garage sales, a friend from work went with me to this one at a church that was supposed to be huge, which it was, but not much exciting. I did end up buying this book and tiny vase.
This morning I have 4 sales on my list, and then ended up only going to 3 of them and one I happened by. I went to my first estate sale today(though I didn't realize that's what it was until I walked past a sign on my way home). It was tons of stuff. There were holiday things in the garage, then you passed free stuff on the back porch, dishes in the kitchen, lots of glassware and some misc in the living/dining area, toys and guy stuff in the basement and jewelry/linens in a bedroom. I ended up spending almost $10 at this sale, I would have bought more if prices were lower (I think I've become more of a cheapskate with frequenting garage sales). It seemed like a couple was selling their house (ok, there was a sold sign outside), and the children were helping with the sale. You could totally tell in the kids were pricing things to get rid of and the parents wanted money. There was a guy (I'm guessing one of the kids) in the basement, and I had a few items that weren't priced, so he prices them (all under $1.00), but when I went to check out, the mother misread his handwriting and thought they were more expensive. I didn't let her get away with it though, I did say I just talked to the guy and that he priced them for me.
I walked away with: the tiny frog, bag of jewelry(just for the butterfly pin), pom pom bunny, tiny salt and pepper set, and the 3 gold colored bunnies.
I also bought a lion bank, a strange red bug candle, an old bunny, a cute hankie, and a reindeer (I'm always on the lookout for good reindeer, my brother collects them).
This picture was my best buy at the sale. I saw it sitting in the basement and figured it would be too expensive for me. It measures 22 inches long by 13 inches tall. It's one of those painted on velvet pieces. I got one last year, but the colors are much brighter. Anyways, I figured it would be pretty expensive considering prices on other things, but I asked the guy and he said "a quarter" SOLD.
Would you have bought it? I was thinking I would pay up to $3.00 for it, so the price was perfect.
The rabbit in the next pic is also from this sale, I thought it would look great covered in dress pattern paper or book pages.
Now, the snowman, teacup and saucer were from a pretty gross sale. It was an indoor moving sale, as you walk up to the house, the door to the porch is open and there is paper (magazine pages, junk mail and other things) all over the porch floor, you get inside and there is just stuff piled everywhere, this lady didn't even vacuum the floor for the sale. It kinda looked like she was somewhat of a hoarder, there were multiples of the same thing, and just tons of clothes and Christmas stuff among other things. It was pretty gross, but I figured I was already inside might as well look. So, I picked out my items and she asks me how much they are worth to me(because nothing is priced), and I didn't want to say too low of a price, but I didn't want to pay too much for them, so I said a couple of dollars and she said ok. Then, I left pretty quickly, it was so nasty looking.
This next items were at the sale I wandered past. I had started at one street with a planned sale where they had pretty high prices, and then saw the sign for this one. I got to the sale and it looked like mostly kids stuff, but then I saw a table at the end that looked interesting. I very rarely buy clothes at sales, I do expect they're washed, but it stills feel weird, anyways, I found the cute Betty Boop shirt and then couldn't pass up the red bucket on the table. I think I can use the bucket for a Christmas present, ya know like hot chocolate, a mug, some marshmallows.
So, that's my interesting Saturday garage saleing. It turned out pretty good considering there weren't very many sales. I think the heat turned them away. It's been in the upper 90's lately with heat indexes above 100. I was watching the news last night and they said we were getting a cold front...temps are supposed to be in the 80s, that's a sad cold front.
Find anything exciting in your neck of the woods?
I'm gonna link up with Would You Buy It Wednesday on Junker Newbie.


frasltd said...

Hi Wendy
I participated in Karla's tag swap and was lucky enough to get one of yours. Love the turquoise and blues. It' is really pretty and well thought out. Linda

Jessica G. said...

Cute little frog! What are you going to use the butterfly jewelry for?