Saturday, July 09, 2011

More Great Finds

Went to a few exciting sales yesterday and today, found a great find today. Here's what I bought:
A yummy cinnamon roll, a pair of fish squirters, a tiny black cup, a "let it snow" sign, and an embroidered hanky. Found all these in the free boxes: a cute doll, a tiny tiger, green plastic beads, pom pom man, crocheted (?) turtle (it's actually some kind of holder), an angel made from a tiny shaker, and a butterfly pin.
The butterfly pin was bought from a new store in our downtown, I got to talking with the owner, she has her artwork and a few other artists in the community, she let me leave some business cards and said if I wanted I could bring some art to sell.

A stuffed puppy, frog, and bunny, a care bears bank.

A couple kids sunglasses, an activity book, a cute pink bag, and two Sesame Street characters.

Here's my great find: a bag full of jewelry. I found it at an unplanned stop, I saw a couple signs as I was heading to another, and stopped at this one on the way back. There was a plastic container filled with all the jewelry in the picture, priced as 10 cents each. As I started looking through, I kept finding all this cool stuff. So, I asked if I could buy the whole thing, and the lady gave it to me for $3.00, I also found the pair of frogs and elephant at that sale. Any ideas what I should do with the lot of jewelry pieces I'm not interested in?

A post secret book. I've always wanted one of these cause they're so fun to look at, but I don't see the point of paying upwards of $14.00 for basically a picture book, but for 50 cents, I'll take it.

I thought it was a pretty good weekend, but I've decided I need to start taking a larger bag to carry things, I keep ending up with either my bag full, or another plastic bag with it.

On another note, I joined and OKcupid, and told people that my screenname on yahoo, and MSN is weinkermeyer. I got my first person chatting with me today. After saying hi and what are you doing, he asks if I want to do a video chat (no), and then says he looks pretty good and has a nice body. I really don't care. Most of my reasoning for adding my screenname is so I can learn about a person before I see them. I do judge a lot on appearance, even though I try not to, so I was hoping to learn more about the person before seeing them. And then he says "are you always this boring?" because I was ignoring his comments about his body, and actually doing other things online.

Guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for the intellectual ones to contact me.

I also learned (after filling out my profile) that makes you subscribe to message people. I'm not doing that, I don't really trust online dating sites that much, and I'm pretty happy with my life right now, but I was taking Carrie's advice to put myself out there. But, I'm sure not paying for it, maybe some day when I'm more into dating (and have more extra $$), maybe, but not now.

Did you guys find anything cool this week?

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Carrie M said...

Yeah, I wouldn't pay for either. OKCupid is free though (I think), and can be pretty good. Just remember that with any dating site you're going to have to sift through a lot of crappy people. Just like in real life!