Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A new Year

It was another birthday, just like every other year, get all excited and then it's not.
My mother and I went to a couple antique stores on Friday, the 1st. The original plan was to go to Sister Act in Ellsworth and then the antique store in Jewell, but when I talked to her on Thurs night, she conveniently forgot about the Jewell store (I swear as much as she forgets what she says, I'm gonna start taping her). Lucky for her, it was closed when we drove through anyway. We then went to Antique Iowa in Story City, and my pictures are a little backwards, so here's what I bought in Story City:
A couple hankerchiefs, a cute embroidered hot pad, a fire king measuring cup, a silver pitcher and an A&W hamburger man.
And here's what I bought in Ellsworth:
2 glass creamers, and a silver toothpick holder.
I enjoyed our trip, but we left after I came home from work, so I was already tired from working and being on my feet for 5 hours, and my mother also decided to forget that we weren't doing lunch (because that would put us back more on time), and got a little annoyed that I had already had lunch when I came home. Plus, I think I was hoping to have a day, like we did last year.
And on my actual birthday, I got to go grocery shopping and make cupcakes for the family get-together on the 3rd. My mother came upstairs around 11 to give me this skirt that she had made.
after that I watched a movie and made the cupcakes. It wasn't until about 5, that I went down to meet my brother and his girlfriend, who drove from Chicago, and my mom and dad, to go to Texas Roadhouse for supper. We get there and they tell us 35 to 45 minutes, and of course my mother and brother got a little annoyed, I warned mom about it. Then they sat us in a booth for 4 and had a chair on the end, and my mother and brother complained more. I will say the waiter was a little off and I wouldn't have given him as much of a tip as my parents did. I did get to drink a nice margarita and get a good burger and fries. But, like every time when we try something new, my mother and brother had to complain and I was reminded why we never try anything new.
After we got home, I got more presents from my parents and brother:
An M&M t-shirt, a spatula, a cooking spoon, a kitchen towel, and gift cards for Fareway and Nature's Touch (a local jewelry store) from my parents. OOPS forgot the toothbrush heads that are in the bathroom.
A grater, a microplane, a paring knife, Turner and Hooch movie and a Target gift card.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my presents, but I didn't want all that boring stuff, I did mention to my parents that I needed a paring knife, a grater, and spoons, but who actually wants that for their birthday presents, course I can't guarantee I'd use the Target gift card to buy those things, I definitely want to use it for something fun.
I just feel it was kind of a let-down, of course lately I don't know what would be really fun.


*Goddess* said...

You sound like me at Christmas time--I expect so much and then it's a let down. The trick is not to expect anything and just let it be. I find they end up being the much happier holidays.

Carrie M said...

Daaaamn, that looks like a nice paring knife. Henckels? *drool*

That sucks your birthday was disappointing though.