Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

So, today's my birthday and like I promised, here's a giveaway for you:
There's a box of 4 light blue Christmas ornamens, 2 tins filled with stuff, an old book, a painted picture, 2 jar/cups, a tiny plastic box, a set of 'turquoise' earrings and brooch, a butterfly pin, a bear pin, and a wooden bird house. And maybe some other things, I am going shopping today, maybe I'll find something wonderful to add to the pot.
Here's a close-up of some of the little stuff. The smaller tin is filled with miniatures, pins and some buttons.
This is the book you'll be getting.
All you need to do is leave me a comment.
I would appreciate it you blogged about it, that will give you an extra chance but it's not required
This will be open for the month of July, so you have until July 31st to enter. I will draw a winner on August 1st.


Wanda said...

Happy Birthday, Wendy!! I hope you have a great day and I loved your random thoughts. :)

The Paper Princess said...

Happy Birthday Wendy - I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful year!


meeyeehere said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, look at all the happies!! Please count me in too!!! I will put a little note up about it on my twitter.

Lizzybobs said...

Happy Birthday hope you have had a lovely day - thanks for visiting my Blog & following me - Lv Liz

Dawn said...

It was my B'day on Sunday (just gone) So happy Birthday to you and what a super give away I am going to put this in my side bar for you as a thank you for being my 180th follower I do hope you pop by again soon

Love Dawn xx