Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big storms early this morning

We had some pretty big storms this morning with lots of rain and wind. I woke up about 2:30-2:45 this morning to the rain, was going to turn on my radio and go back to sleep, but the power cut out about 2:45, all I could really think about was that I just bought quite a bit of frozen food and milk. At about 5, the power popped back on, I was woken up by my air conditioner, I decided I needed to at least set the 2 clocks in my bedroom, because I knew they'd bother me even in my sleep, did that and it went back off for about a minute, so I set them again.
When I left for work, I ran into my parents sweeping up not so tiny, but not huge branches. At my neighbors house, they had about half a tree fall down, at least it didn't hit the house, here's some pics:
That huge branch is the half of tree. When I got to work there was a pretty big puddle around one of the doors, one of my co-workers came in about 12:30 and said her part of town was still out of power, over by the football stadium. I had a patron tell me, their neighbors had a tree fall on a car and that there were tons of trees and branches down along 13th St. I just read about a tree that fell on a house at 9th and Duff, not that far from my house. Here and here are some stories about the storm, and here are some more pics I took on my way home from work.

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