Friday, July 09, 2010


One thing I liked about working at the art store, people knew what was in it before they came in. If they weren't looking for art supplies, they had no need to come in, and most likely didn't.
I just had some people that stayed in here for 50 minutes, looking at stuff, killing time essentially and DIDN'T BUY A DAMN THING!!!! They most likely came in for the same reasons as most people do nowadays because of the big sign in the window that says storewide sale 25% off, which means the whole store, to see if they could find something cheap, or they were just killing time until something happened.
I know most stores get people that are killing time, but I know we get it a lot more than other stores, they're either waiting for their pizza (Pizza Hut is right next door and it's carry-out or delivery only), waiting for someone to get their haircut or waiting for their haircut time (Great Clips is 2 doors down), or waiting for their wife/girlfriend, etc to finish shopping in Jo Ann Fabrics (which is 5 doors down) or Hobby Lobby (which is 5 doors the other way). And I get so many people now that when I say the store is closing reply, oh that's too bad I always love coming in here and LOOKING. I always want to retort back and ask them how often they ever buy anything!!!
I had 6 people in here at once tonight (that's pretty huge) and not a single one of them bought anything.

Mostly I'm annoyed with the ones that spent the 50 minutes in here just slacking off and didn't buy anything. They are the biggest reason we are going out of business.

And then, one of them asks me if we can call the owner to ask them a question about a display game. I give them the number of the store and told them they'd have to call in the morning when the owner was here. They calls the number, and guess what I picked up, and they say I gave them the wrong number and can we call the owner right now. OK, if the owner's not here, it means they're off somewhere else most likely doing something personal, I'm not going to give out their personal number.

Can't you tell I'm a little annoyed??? Sorry, had to rant.

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