Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So busy out there

Kevin and I's 2 year anniversary went pretty well. It was May 1st, Friday, he came over after getting off work Friday morning and then cuddled with me. I left him to sleep while I did my daytime stuff, woke him up about 4:30 when I had to leave for work, he gave me a ride and we picked up food. I didn't expect to see him at all on Friday, so that was a nice surprise.
On Sunday, he came over after work and slept, I went down to Lucullan's for our supper, a seafood pasta, woke him up and we went to a park to eat. I gave him his presents: Madagascar 2, a book, a couple HotWheels cars and a wallet. We went back to my house and fell asleep watching TV. Monday we went to Des Moines, stopping in Ankeny to get breakfast at IHOP, to Jordan Creek mall where we made a turtle at the Build A Bear Workshop. We went to Hu Hut (I think that's what it's called) for supper, stopped at the Brass Armadillo Antique store before heading back home, again stopping in Ankeny, this time at Walmart to get some stuff.
It was a pretty fun day and I'm very tickled about being able to make the turtle, thankfully there weren't any screaming kids in the store at the time. It turned out very different than what Kevin had planned, he said he was going to make a frog in a cop uniform for me, instead we did a turtle in construction clothing with a roaring device.

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