Friday, May 22, 2009

put a little medina in your glass

Good news everywhere.

I'm in an exceptionally good mood today. No idea why. Maybe a mixture of the great 80's music I'm listening to, the fact that I'm kinda doing some art stuff (OK just making up packets for my collageATC's group, but it's fun) and I didn't have to chat (argue) with my mother this morning.

I am going to be participating in an Art Walk in my area on June 5th. Take a stroll over to my art blog here and on the links on the side bar to read more. I ordered me some very cool business cards the other day for the Art Walk. They have a few images of my ATC's plus a tin, a pin and an altered CD on the front with my name, etsy store and blog addy on the back. I'm pretty tickled that I got to upload images of my artwork to the front of them.

And I now have 2 followers!!!! Hey that's huge for me. Thank you Mr. Police Man for coming over and checking out my not-so-exciting blog. I'm adding a link to your blog very soon.

OK, I went and edited a couple things on my template, plus added a Blogs I'm Following place. I took out all the links of blogs that I read because they are now under Blogs I'm following. I love how it tells you when they last posted. I'm very tickled now.

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Carrie M said...

Gah! I just remembered my blog! Holy cow, I need to update!