Thursday, May 21, 2009

Makes you think

WOW! I just finished watching the season finale of Southland (don't worry I'm not going to spoil it). And I definitely did not see the end coming. It was all happy and then bamn! someone gets shot. But it was a good finale, that's what you want, something to bring you back next season, and I'm pretty sure everyone's coming back to see if this person lives or not.

But, it also got me thinking. There's a situation where a detective is protecting a witness and they come into her house and she protects the house and witness with her shotgun. It made me think that I want to keep my .22 at my apartment. If anyone ever got into my house, I don't have anything to protect myself. Granted, I live on the 3rd floor of a house, my door is in a sheltered area (you have to come in the back porch and then up a set of stairs that's unseen from the street) and I have a steel door, so I'm pretty safe. But, Kevin says it's pretty easy to just take the hinges off my door, and if someone wanted to, they're getting in. I'd love to have something to protect myself, and since I own the gun I should get to keep it in my residence. When I was chatting with my dad not so long ago, I asked him what he thought about me getting a gun. He first said he didn't want me spending money on a gun, to which I countered what if someone gave me one, and he said he didn't want guns in the house. I know my town is not that bad compared to other bigger cities around, but I know that we have problems, I know where the problem areas are, but I also know that we have had armed robberies in the past (none really near my neighborhood, but still...), and I'd love to be able to protect myself should the need arise.


Anonymous said...

Ask me your question on my blog but I'll anticipate what it was and answer here.

I have gun in my home. I'm not an NRA member, soon will be, but I'm also not a person who thinks people shoulN'T have guns.

I have heard a statistic that most "victims" are injured by their own weapons. If you were my girl, I'd encourage you to get a good BAT. Even go to the batting cages every couple of month to get that swing down.

If you don't already own a gun you probably won't feel as comfortable with one as lets say I would. I carry a gun everyday. In the pitch black I know if my gun is loaded, the safety is on or off and if its double or single action. Now if any of that confused you, not my intention, don't get a gun for "protection." Chicks with guns are cool. But keep it locked up and use it when you go out with your dude or dad.

More personally I don't think you should buy a gun for "protection" because its a weird thing to point a gun at someone. I remember my first day on the job. Saw a gun in a car and I couldn't bring myself to point my loaded weapon at the dudes head. Now, I don't flench pointing it at threats. I'd love to talk to you in length about this. So hit me up with your e-mail and/or cell and we can talk.

*Goddess* said...

The actor that plays the dude that was shot gave an interview in TV Guide, I believe, and he kinda ruined it for next season. I have no idea WHY they allowed him to do that.

Do you know who the aruging couple was? I don't know if I missed that or if they never showed, but I kept wondering if it was that cop that went crazy earlier in the show? The drunk. Or if it was someone we hadn't been introduced to.

WW said...

The cop that got shot and the cop that had the BBQ live in the same neighborhood. This couple just happens to live in the neighborhood and argue all the time. The cop that got shot lives next door to them, and the cop that gave the BBQ lives across the street from them.
All I've ever heard/seen about them is them arguing in the background, and both cops keep saying they should go over there and chat with them, but it never happened.