Thursday, April 17, 2008

Will you leave this all behind?

Yesterday was clean up Kevin's truck day, so we went to the car wash, then stopped at Walmart for some wax and an oil drainer pan. So, he's waxing his truck and I'm sitting on his toolbox in the back, it was cold, but he looked so good working on the truck, course if I thought he looked good then, I should have just waited. I go inside because it's cold, and he starts draining/changing his oil. He comes inside after awhile, and he's got oil all over him, on the side of his shirt, on his jeans and on his face, apparently he dropped the oil filter. I'm sitting there on the couch staring at him cause he looks so hott. Later before he takes me home, he's washing his buffing clothes, still in his shirt (it's a little less oily), I just couldn't believe how hott he looked in his dirtyness. Who knew a hard-working guy, after his day is done, turns me on so well (guess I should make a note of this for the future.

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