Monday, April 14, 2008

I need a wheel in my hands

Why do people gotta make it so hard to cancel things?
I signed up for the free month and $5.00 free postage for for a survey with a company. I took my survey but haven't seen that I've been compensated yet. And in order to print your free $5.00 in postage in stamps you have to buy their special stamp paper, or you can print it for packages, unfortunately I don't have a scale to weigh my packages.
So, I decided to cancel the free month, you have to call them between X and X Monday through Friday, and then you have to go through a menu, get connected to someone that's in another country (not surprising there), but their system kinda sucks, because as I was waiting for her to bring up my account, I could hear other people talking in the background, and her voice, not the easiest to understand. Then, she tried to get me to stay, why do I want to cancel, can't afford, well we can extend your free month to the end of May, no, how about we drop the price from 15 to 7, no. I'm surprised they didn't have more to ask.
Also, I tried cancelling a magazine to get/save some money, got it cancelled online, but to get your refund you have to contact the service that you ordered it through. So, I rifled through the papers when I got my extended subscription, (lived across the street then, good thing I kept that), called their 1-800 #, sorry mailbox for so-and-so is full, please try back later. Never did get in contact with them, thankfully the magazine said they'd restart my service.
What ever happened to a little click online and you got stuff cancelled and refunds easily?

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