Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So long Mississippi

Question for all my readers.
I applied for a job at a store here a couple weeks ago. I called last week asking if the lady had made any decisions, and she said no she hadn't but she'd mark down that I called (stupid me, I didn't ask when she'd make a decision). What's my next step? How long do I wait to call again?

Also, when I post pictures on here, do they come out dark? On my etsy store (see link on side), I noticed quite a few of my pictures turned out dark. I didn't notice this on my computer, because they look fine there, but when I was on my mom's computer the other day, I noticed they are really dark. I've gotten suggestions from people to take the pictures in sunlight and at certain times of day, but I don't know how to make it so I know they're dark on my computer. Any idea if I can do that?

I worked a concert last night, FFA was in town. I love it how when my bosses say that we won't have any problems, it seems like the first thing we have is a problem. So, we're going up to our posts and I notice that people are coming in already, it's about 8:15, they're not supposed to be coming in until 8:45. I find my supervisor and advise him of this, apparently someone wanted to go out and have a smoke (one of the people selling CDs for the bands), and propped a door open, and I guess they didn't see any reason anyone shouldn't come it. So, then I'm going around and finding people and asking them to wait outside until we're ready to open. I run into a guy and his kid (maybe), and I ask them if they're here to attend the concert, no they're waiting for it to begin (that's attending), and so I ask if they would wait outside, because we're not ready for them to be inside yet. He replies that that's bullshit and that it's a free concert, it's their concert, their rules. I wanted to say that FFA paid to be at the coliseum, so technically it's our rules, but I'm not allowed to do that, I told my supervisor about him, and left it up to him. I heard he did leave, guessing he put up an argument though.
The parents/adults always seem to be worse than the kids. The kids are generally so nice and will follow along with instructions, but the adults like to argue. And of course, if I'd never worked an FFA concert I would have thought that they were all like that, because we all know a tiny percentage ruins it for everyone. Luckily for that guy, I didn't pass judgement on the whole group because of him.
And I guess the concert was really bad, the bands were some alternative music, which no one really seemed to like and everyone left. I was catching a ride with a co-worker who was cut early, since I was at a non busy door I got to leave early, and my co-worker said there were 12 people inside. I also heard they were cutting more people when I left. It shows you're a good band, when the concert-goers leave, and the event staff gets to leave cause there's basically no one but you in the coliseum.

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Carrie said...

I think I would call once a week until I got an answer, but I probably wouldn't call more than 3 times.

Your pics look fine to me. It could be a moniter problem.