Sunday, March 16, 2008

The best of blue

My parents took me out to lunch today, and for the first time they didn't bring up work and money. I figured that's what they were gonna do. They've learned that in order to back me into a corner, they have to give me something in return, like bribing a child to do something they don't want to do.
I've found out how much my mother and I have grown apart. It seems that now I can go out and form my own opinion, we don't agree like we used to. She's still stuck in her councilperson mode, she has to get all the facts and the majority opinion before she can give her own "opinion". She also has this great (annoying) tendency to just bring something up and then when someone asks a question about it, she gets mad and says how she shouldn't have to know the answer.

I'm watching Makeover Home Edition, and they're remodeling a house of a preacher who also rides motorcycles, and they ask a whole bunch of bikers to help them tear down the house. I so MISS biking.
I've already told Kevin that I plan on putting my CL ad up again this year. I miss it that much. He's all worried that the biker will get the wrong idea, or that I'll read them wrong and end up on the back of the bike with the wrong person. I tried to assure him that that wouldn't happen. I think it's more of I'm gonna be on the back of a guy's (usually it's a guy) bike. Wouldn't want some other guy getting me. I just really miss being on the back of a bike. Out on the open road, it's so free, so far away from stress and life.

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NTSMadDog said...

Ok so what is a CL ad? Just curious?