Tuesday, March 25, 2008

She lets you into her heart

I knew what I wanted the first time I ever saw him.
I walked into my Criminal Justice class that day, saw him leaning over his desk and thought I’d like to have him for a boyfriend. Now, two years later, he is. I’m in love with him and I would marry him and have his children if he asked me too.
I was thinking tonight, as I watched him climb into his truck and start it up, I’m surprised it actually happened. I’ve been watching him get into that truck and drive away since the first time he came over. We were just acquaintances then, he had broken up with his girlfriend a few months before, and all I wanted at the moment was to be there for him if he needed it. I knew nothing about relationships, but I told him if he needed anything, I’d try to help him out. He came over because we were both very bored on that day in April, we spent a few hours here, me giving him a 25 cent tour of my apartment and him (most likely very bored) learning about me. We then continued across town to his apartment and me getting the quarter tour from him. We talked until about 11 that night. A few nights later he came over after work and we talked until 2 in the morning. That’s the way it continued for a few weeks. When I got my job in March, he was the first person I called and told. I brought him along to a bike night and he met my best friend. After we got back from that I remember talking to her and her mom, and them telling me “don’t overthink it” I’ve taken that advice and we’ve come so far. The ring on my finger will always tell every other person guy or girl, that I’m taken, it’s not an engagement ring, but I would say yes if it were.

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