Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm so screwed. I'm debating whether to cash in my camel bank's savings. I've had this bank since I was a little kid, I'm pretty sure there's not much money in it, but it has sentimental value. It was supposed to be saved until I needed it. It's sad to say that I need it now. I'm cashing in all my new state quarters, that in itself is over $10, I figured I really don't need them collecting dust, they're gonna be around forever anyway. I'm ok with money now, but the beginning of the month is coming up and after rent, student loans, credit card bill, I'm gonna be so screwed. And I know there's no unexpected money deposited into my bank account this time, no tax rebate for me. I can't even cash in the money I made in surveys, cause I already did that. I've been posting things like crazy on my etsy store, hoping someone will want to buy them, but since it's a $0.20 posting fee, it doesn't seem worth it to keep racking up a bill on there when nothing is selling. Course, I also keep thinking that once I put everything up, something (or maybe even a lot of things) will sell, and I'll be ok. But there's not a lot up there (moneywise) that would buy me out of debt. The temporary agency I got hired with says they usually get busy around April 1st, well April starts on Tuesday, so I'm hoping that's the case and I'll get something.

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