Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's a hope ticket

Only really big news is that we have a SuperWalmart now. I swear everytime I go in it, (I've been there 2 times in the last week) it feels like I'm in Cedar Rapids, not here. Guess it's time we realize we're finally becoming a big city. Next thing you know we'll have a new mall, and if we're lucky the guy that owns the other mall will get in gear and make that one much better.
Let's see, other interesting stuff about me....My w's turned 4 last week. Karli had her 24th birthday, which we celebrated (her, me, Kevin, and 4 other of her friends) at Okoboji Grill (can you believe there's not an Okoboji Grill in Okoboji?) with food and a drink, then 5 of us continued on to Brewer's (a smokeless bar in Somerset) and had another drink, you can really taste the alcohol in those drinks. I had one drink there, and it felt like the time I drank on an empty stomach (my stomach was full this time). And then the next day, I got to go work the last basketball game of the season, that was bumming, cause now I have no regular work. I hate that I'm going through this all again this year, so much for graduating college and having a guaranteed high-paying job. I don't think I'll last til May this year, my tax refund helped, but I'm pretty sure I won't last til May. Course last year, when I was at my wit's end I found a job, I'm really hoping that's what will happen this year, course I don't want to be at my wit's end, but.... I'm also trying to sell some of my artwork online, it's not working, but when you choose to put it on a site where there's thousands of other sellers, you just hope your stuff will catch someone's eye.
I'm trying to think if there's anything else new, but I decided if I have to think this long, there's probably not.
Hope all my loyal readers and one time passers by are having a good day and life. Enjoy it.

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