Saturday, September 07, 2019


Friday: I had planned to get up and go to a few garage sales, but I woke up feeling like crap. I had a headache, I was really hot, and my tummy didn't feel very good. I took some ibuprofen, ate breakfast (my stomach actually started feeling bad after eating), and sat in the dark trying to cool myself off. Once I cooled off, I felt much better. Not sure what that was about. I had to go to work for a quick hour long meeting. 
The city painted an all inclusive crosswalk on Tuesday/Monday, so I stopped to take some pictures of it. This one is white, pink and blue:
 These are trans gender pride colors.
This one is the rainbow:
 These are a minority-inclusive pride rainbow.
This one is yellow, white, purple and black:
 These are gender non-binary pride colors.
And another rainbow to finish out the intersection:
 There's been a lot of controversy over this. I think it's great they decided to do it right next to the library.
I read a bit, and watched some movies. Found a couple pieces of happy mail in my mailbox.
SMS layered stickers:
 NOT layered, but the person who sent to me left the group, so I won't be getting any replacements. I did buy some layered ones at the Dollar Tree on Thursday, I guess that's what I'm getting.
Orange crafting items swap:
 Lots of interesting items in here.
The rest of it:
 Al lot of papers, that big orange piece in the middle is actually felt with the word thanks in it.
I got a couple things ready to be mailed.
I did a private swap for some Harry Potter ephemera and I sent her some writing paper:
 Pink Happy Mail:
 Saturday: I got up and went to my garage sales. There were 4 on my list and they were pretty spread out. On my way to the first one, I had some guy blow a yield sign, it's a good thing I didn't walk in front of him hoping he would obey the traffic signals.
What I bought:
 Total spent $1.95, the cards were 25 cents each, I had a couple of the top cards with the birdhouses, a pansy thank you card, one with a neat tree and a nice birthday card. I also bought a bunch of tiny crafting supplies:
 A bunch of lacy bits, a package of blue/gold items and some Halloween wood pieces.
The next one was a bit harder to find, as it was on a street that branched off a bunch of times. I didn't think they had a lot of great directional signs. It turned out to be a bunch of kids stuff, which was fine.
 I picked up a bunch of tiny animals and was told they were from the free bin:
I had just cleared out all the tiny items I've collected from blind bags and told myself not to buy more. So much for that. I love those little squishy candy things at the top. Also, Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. Also, there's an Ugly Doll in there.
I saw a sign for another sale on my way to the third one, all the stuff looked like it had gotten rained on and there was other random stuff strewn throughout their front yard, I was a bit afraid I'd trip on it while looking at things. I didn't buy anything there.
I saw a big group of what looked like hawks circling about, but still moving north as they were circling. They were so far up, they had to be hawks as big as they were. It was kinda weird.
Third sale, there was another sale that was supposed to be near it, but it was only Thursday and Friday, which I thought was kinda strange.
 I paid a buck for the reindeer and was told the rest was free. Not exactly sure what the green piece with the eyes is.
Last stop:
 Everything was 5 cents, but I gave them a quarter and we called it good.
I went by our local farmer's market on the way home looking for some pastries, but again, didn't find any. I hit 10,000 steps before I made it home. Took a shower and changed my clothes, and threw my hair up in a French braid.
I had to mail one of the items from above, so went out to mail that and checked out the Pride fest. I got a $5 massage, I thought it would be a bit more intensive. I bought an eggplant/caprese sandwich and a Mountain Dew for lunch. I wasn't expecting the sandwich to be warm and it was very messy to eat. I was hoping for some more vendors and was looking for some rainbow earrings. It was fun to check out, but might look into going with a friend in the future.
I had eaten a Power breakfast of a oatmeal like thing that had quinoa instead of oatmeal and I didn't feel tired until about 1:20, even after walking my 5 miles for the garage sales. I'm thinking of buying more for those days where I know I'll be doing a bit in the mornings. I had an apple one the other day that I wasn't impressed with, the one I ate this morning was maple brown sugar, I liked it much more.
I found a T card in the mail when I got home:
 She also included a bunch of die cuts:
I had received a letter that was meant for someone else, the name wasn't mine but the address was. I'm not exactly sure how she got the wrong address as we have a random person in between us on the name list. Wrote a not at this address note and will throw it in the mail on Monday.
This is the 3rd day of my 4 day weekend, I was supposed to be taking it from people after my 3 weeks straight of working. Thursday, I went shopping, Friday, I had to go out for a work meeting and Saturday (today), I went to the farmer's market and Pride fest which both had a bunch of people. I'll probably spend all of tomorrow at home. I'm more enjoying that I don't have to work and get to do whatever I want without a schedule.

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