Friday, December 25, 2015

Update in pictures

It looks like I haven't checked in since December 6th. Basically, I've been working and getting ready for Christmas. I was done until I remembered I had forgotten to get my brother's girlfriend a gift, and at some point I just decided I was done.
I don't have an Instagram account, but here's some pictures that would appear if I did:
Presents to my friends, with some creative wrapping.
 I signed up to be/have a festive friend at work, here's some things my friend got me>
 My aunt sent me cookies, I thought this one was the cutest:
 And another gift from my festive friend, the cup says The Nice list is overrated.
 My supper on the 22nd:
 Caramel rolls on the 23rd:
 The 5 inches of snow that was not predicted for us:

I was really excited when our forecast was for the lower 40's and no snow for Christmas, on the 23rd it rained all day and turned to great, big, beautiful flakes that evening. It dropped off and then on the 24th about mid-morning it started snowing again, and by that night we had a total of 5 inches. People forgot to drive and there was a multiple car pile-up north of town.
Today, I got up and went to my parents for Christmas. It was nice. I hope everyone had a grand Christmas.

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