Sunday, December 06, 2015

weekly update

So, since Wednesday, I haven't really done much, just reading and work.
Thursday, my muse finally showed up (not early enough to make anything for anyone this holiday season, but at least she's back), and I spent the afternoon piecing together a few pieces. For some reason, I decided to get out my fabric scraps and piece together a quilt like thing on a couple stocking backgrounds. One of them is mostly green pieces, the other I started with sheer pieces, but decided the stocking was too big of a canvas, so I moved to a smaller mitten. I love how they both turned out, but now I have to sew them all down. I haven't really done any sewing, not since I did my fabric book a few years ago. I do hand sewing, so I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to sew down the sheer pieces so it looks good. Anyways, I got so caught up in that, that I didn't eat lunch, and barely got to eat supper and have things ready to go before I had to leave for work. Thursday night was work.
Friday, I had the day off because I was working Saturday. I did go in to talk about decorating the library for the winter holidays, we basically spent most of our time putting together a tree and trying to make it stand up in a stand that was not made for it. I mailed my package for the 12 Days of Christmas swap, and got lost in my art project again. Friday night, I went on a home tour. My mother signed up to do a holiday home tour this weekend, so this was the tour for the people on the tour. It was really fun, but the thing I don't really like about this tour (me and mom usually go on it as one of our holiday traditions), is that everyone's house is so big, and I feel so very poor touring their houses. I mean, it's always fun to snoop in other people's houses, but these are never small houses. Of course, they probably aren't really rich, but I always feel the gap in what I make over what they (probably) make. Because I got lost in my art project (and forgot to turn the ringer back on, on my phone), I didn't eat dinner, so by the time we were done with the tours, about 9pm, I was hungry. We were right across the street from a Dairy Queen, so I asked my mom if we could pick up some food. But, for some fun reason, she decided it was faster for me to go home and warm something up than to get fast food. It wasn't, and part of the reason I wanted DQ is because there's nothing fun to eat in my house. I was just thinking that I would love someone to give me a $100 shopping spree at HyVee, then I could get some fun frozen dinners. I feel none of the food at Fareway is really exciting. I just keep thinking about Jim Gaffigan's gag about Mexian food "Look, it's all the same shit, just say a Spanish word and I'll bring you something." Sadly, I feel that way about life lately. I try to make it interesting, but nothing's really getting me in a better mood.
Saturday, I had to open at the library. This is maybe my second time opening on a Saturday, but it was crazy. We had a holiday book sale going on in the auditorium, when I went to turn on our public access computers, they weren't connecting to our private internet, and our displace monitors wouldn't connect either. Weirdly, all the computers we left on overnight didn't have any problems, so the ones in youth and upstairs were fine. And then, later in the morning our automated check-in system went down and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, my boss had to come in and call the company. They had it back up before I left, but there was still a lot to run through it. Also, our three tech people were away and couldn't really help with stuff. Saturday afternoon, I went to help with the home tour. I really felt like I didn't need to be there, I'm not really good at volunteering information. I can answer questions fine, but I don't give information so easily. After standing pretty much all day, I was ready to go home and sit when it was done. My mother said I should stay for a holiday party their neighbors were doing, she said she'd leave to run me home if I wanted to. So, later when I asked her to do that, she kinda ignored me. I was to a point where I was just going to go get my stuff and then leave before she said she'd take me home. Lately, I feel she thinks her time is more important than my time, and she's been pissing me off.
Today, I was supposed to help with the tour again, but my mother annoyed me so much yesterday, plus they had plenty of people to help, that I just decided not to. My plan was to work on my art project, but I basically just slacked off online and watched movies. Oh well, it was a nice relaxing day for me, and I needed that.

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