Wednesday, December 02, 2015


So, it's been about a week or so since I checked in last. What have I been up to? Shopping and holidays mostly.
I saw this cute ornament a few weeks ago when I was shopping. I didn't buy it, but I think it'd be cool to make one like it. I could've bought some round ornaments and added lace to them, they'd probably be about like this one.
 For all my button lovers, I saw this somewhere, I think it'd be cool to have a button bouquet.
 Thanksgiving turned out OK. I basically made everything. My mom decided we needed to start everything wickedly early, except the meat, so then we were waiting on the meat to finish and didn't sit down until about 2pm. It was good and filling, not too much this year, but I wanted to eat earlier. I liked the potatoes, they seemed a little bland, but it's probably because I always load a lot on top of my potatoes.
 Saturday, my mother and I shopped downtown for Small Business Saturday. I probably shouldn't have gone shopping the weekend before. I was hoping we could go shopping late morning, have lunch, and then visit a local Tree festival. My mom thought it was better to do shopping early in the morning, do lunch and then rest for a little while then go back and enjoy the trees. Oh, well it worked out fine.
I found this cute ornament at one store. Hope has been my word since my ex and I broke up in 2012.
 A few highlights from the tree festival, this is a bad picture, it's a star wars tree, it was decorated like Darth Vader and lots of Star Wars ornaments on it.
 I find these weird, but people really like to have them.
 This one was decorated by a local coffee house, I thought it was cute.
 This was a super hero tree, it had a lot of super hero ornaments on it, and comic strips instead of ribbon.
 Today, I may have splurged a bit much. I was looking for hot chocolate and chai mixes. My local grocery store had some great ones, last year. This year when I go to stock up, they didn't have them, figures. So, I went to HyVee to see what they had and made a few stops on the way there.
I'm also finishing my shopping. A mug, cute house ornament and a couple star picks.
 Found the hot chocolate, some donut puffs, and some chocolate.
 Found the chai, too, and a cute little snowman ornament.
 Also, went a little nuts at the Asian food store. A few breads, fruit chips, strawberry puffs, haw candy, and a milk drink.
I think I've decided I'm done Christmas shopping. I'm tired of it, and I don't need to spend more money on people. I don't need to spend more on myself either. I need to start saving the extra money I'm making before I have to move next year.

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LV said...

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