Saturday, May 02, 2015

First Sale(s) of the season

I have been looking forward to today for at least a month. It was a neighboring town's city-wide garage sale. My friend and I have been going to it for a few years, so we have a standing date to do it every year.
When I was outside waiting for her, I saw the iris's are starting to pop open:
 I noticed this cool old camera at one sale:
 And this magnificent dollhouse at another, it was probably about 4 foot tall. Sadly shortly after I took this picture, a gust of wind came along and knocked it over onto a stone planter behind it, I believe it broke into pieces.
 And I found this wonderful 'peg' board made our of deer hooves in a shop we stopped at, who doesn't need one of these?
 I think I may have said this last year, but it felt like there were less sales this year. Also, mostly new stuff. There was one sale that had a lot of plates and it made me think of Bargain Hunter, she mentioned in her post yesterday a friend of hers rents vintage plates for wedding receptions. I think that would be pretty cool. My friend and I decided it would be fun to but old/worn out furniture and add dictionary pages or other things to easily brighten them up and then re sell them. There was a pair of end tables she really wanted to buy, spray with paint and give new life.

So, here's what I bought:
 the scissors were free, the two necklaces are rocks each $1, and the velvet green bag was free.
a bunch of stickers, there was one sale that had quite a few scrapbooking supplies, that was not a good stop. I think I spent the most there sales wise. They were about $6 altogether.
 some more stickers from the same sale, plus some monkey earrings and some metal frames, the BINGO cards were free.
 a couple hankies, some washi tape, Santa and Mrs. Claus, a few cats, a minion, a hairy cow and a bug. The washi tape were from a store we stopped at, and with a price of $4 each or 3 for $10 you have to buy 3, also the white one was $1 and I was enamored by it. Now, if I could just figure out a way to use my tape, I probably have about 20 rolls and I really never use it. Any ideas?
 The chicken 'cozies', chicks, bunnies and eggs were in a bag, I just wanted the chicks, I'll probably put the rest in my Goodwill box. Did anyone else have one of these Quik mugs growing up? I remember both my brother and I had one, I have no idea what happened to them, but I totally bought this one for $.75.
 I've decided these were the best buys of the day, a couple W's, they're probably about 6 inches tall, I picked them up at another shop. My idea was to cover them in dictionary paper and lace or burlap and buttons, but I put them up on my radiator and I just love staring at them.
 A tape dispenser, and some movies: The Orphanage, Silent Hill and Quarantine, all horror movies
 And last of all, a bag of silverware. I always feel I don't have enough spoons and run out way too quick, so that was one of the things on my list this year.
I spent about $40 total today, I thought I did pretty well, but again wish I'd spent less. There's only 2 things I bought that weren't exclusively for me, but I think I've done better than in the past. I told myself I couldn't buy more stuffed animals or snowmen and I did see a couple of those I wanted. I tried not to just buy stuff, but I really shouldn't have bought more craft supplies, I don't use nearly enough of what I have.

Some other things on my list this year are:
buttons, mostly vintage but I'd go for new too
 baked goods, why pass those up
Pyrex mixing bowls, I have two I think they are a 402 and the next smaller size which are perfect for a few things I do. I really like the smaller size, it's perfect for ice cream. I don't really care if they're in nice shape, the bigger one I have is in pretty bad shape, color wise, but still works great.

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