Monday, June 02, 2014

Still Looking

I'm hating my life right now. Last week, a co-worker said she'd be my roommate, we looked at a couple places, found one that was promising, she said she had to wait until the end of the month before she could lay down any money for a deposit. End of the month comes, and she says she can't afford her half, now I'm back to square one.
I've decided I'm not spending any money on things I don't need. That means I won't be buying pop, I won't be buying any sweets, I won't be going to garage sales, I won't be buying clothes, I won't be eating out at all, I won't be able to do anything fun, and I probably still won't be able to afford an apartment by myself.
The house is Sale Pending. It went on the market on May 23rd, the second showing was the Tuesday after, and they took those people's offer.
It just feels like I get a little ahead, and then something sets me back. I was so excited about one of the apartments last week, and once my friend got paid, we could go apply and give them the deposit, and then she says she can't do it.
Some of my friends are also moving this year, so I asked them if we could be roommates, but they don't want to live with someone else, even if it means saving money for both of us.
I'm so tired of trying to do things/doing things and then getting nowhere.
Is it against the rules if I ask people to pray I find an apartment soon? Or at least ask for good thoughts?

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