Monday, June 09, 2014

I'm so ready for a little sanity

It's been a long weekend, and it will be a long week.
As you all know, my parents are moving, the house has sold, they will be living somewhere else for 3 months while their condo is being finished. Last year, they decided we should have a family vacation in Charleston, SC around Christmas. I tried to tell them, that I'd prefer not to travel around the holidays, but when do they ever listen to me? In March, my mom suggested I do work for them to earn this trip (she had actually suggested I do work for them to earn money, which I agreed to, and then she changed it to earning the trip), and even though I tried to convince them I didn't want to go, they didn't listen to me, and we have a house we're renting down there, and we ordered plane tickets last week.
Anyways, back to the work thing, basically it was work to help get the house and them ready to move. Lately it's been getting ready for a garage sale. So, this Saturday and Sunday, we sorted and moved stuff. I'm pretty sure this sore throat I have is from inhaling dirt and dust from the garage and basement. Yesterday, we hauled all the stuff up out of the basement. Today, I felt like I could curl up and take a nap all day. I was soo tired at work this morning, it took me twice as long to do things as it normally would. When I got home, I decided to move all my stuff to the garage. Bad idea, my knees hate me lately and are very painful when I bend or squat down, they were really not happy with all the stairs yesterday, and I bruised my kneecap on Saturday kneeling on concrete (it's such interesting colors right now). And then tonight, I decided I was bored with the arrangement of my apartment, so I moved my bed, a chest, and a recliner around. I am sooo tired. Crawling on my knees on my bed hurt. I'm ready for a deep sleep.
I don't have a day off until Sunday, I'm totally counting the days at the garage sale. I figure we'll take pictures for the craigslist ad, so I'll totally put them on here. Anyone close to central Iowa wanna come to a fairly large garage sale?
I think I should stop planning things with my friends, things keep coming up and they have to keep cancelling, it's really starting to wear me thin. I understand life gets in the way sometimes, I just want to get away and do something fun for a little while, is that too much to ask?
Plus, I don't have anything fun planned for my birthday. There's this thing called Junkin in June, that's held the last weekend in June, that my mom have been doing for a few years as a little fun birthday trip for us (my birthday's on July 2nd, my mother's is on the 3rd), she told me, she thinks she'll have too much to do, and I don't really have any friends that would go on it with me, and it's no fun by myself.

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