Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Confessional

It's Friday, and I'm playing along with Vandy at The Testosterone Three and Me for some Friday Confessions. She told me once, we all need to confess sometimes, so here goes...
  • I confess...It was a beautiful day today, but I just sat inside all day and read a book. I just didn't feel like going outside.
  • I's been a very trying week. I really just needed a day to myself.
  • I confess...I have a very bad night on Monday. I got some very troubling news at my job that afternoon and my way of coping is not very constructive. It was a long and hard night.
  • I confess...I wish I had someone to talk to sometimes. Almost all my friends work at the library, sometimes it would just be nice to chat with someone who didn't know me.
  • I confess...I really can't make popcorn, I have mastered cheesecake, but I can't figure out popcorn
  • I confess...I don't know why I even eat popcorn, after the first piece it's stuck in my teeth and it feels like I spend forever picking it out.
  • I confess...after watching Hugh Jackman in Prisoners, I had to watch an X-Men movie to get the not so nice image of his character from Prisoners out of my head.
  • I confess...I watch a lot of violent movies, but Prisoners was disturbing. I believe someone can get pushed that far, but it's still sad and disturbing.
  • I was nice watching Jake Gylenhall and Hugh Jackman in Prisoners. Jake looked like he added some weight for his character, but the mountain man look for Hugh didn't really do much for me
  • I confess...I always make an Easter basket for myself, but lately I haven't found much besides candy to put in it. I feel bad about it, but if nothing is interesting enough to buy, I don't see wasting my money.
  • I confess...I'm supposed to be downsizing, but I want to keep buying things, it makes me happy. I want to find that one really cool thing for my Easter basket.
  • I confess...I'm tired of looking for apartments, it totally drains me. I wish I could just wake up some morning and someone would offer me the perfect apartment, but when does life ever work out for me?
  • I confess...I'm more than a little annoyed that the students are acting like babies and have gotten VEISHEA cancelled for the year. I had plans to attend the International Food Festival tomorrow. I was so excited to go.
  • I confess...I think they should cancel VEISHEA permanently. It seems every year there's something. Obviously not as bad as the riots we've had in the past and the other night, but it's getting to be annoying. The students act like babies, the university cancels it the next year, or changes something, the students are better the next year, and a few years along something else happens, it seems to be a never-ending cycle.
  • I confess...I really wanted some new, different food this weekend, that's why I was so excited about the food fair.
  • I confess...I've been really bored with my life lately.

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