Monday, May 20, 2013

This weekend

Not much for garage sales this weekend, which was weird because it was a beautiful weekend. I did find some things to buy though.
Four scary movies
 I hadn't planned to spend so much at this sale, but once I saw the green glass piece, I had to have the rest. I love the orange one, it looks like a bunch of glass mixed together, I thought it was stone at first.
 I don't need more glass products, but when they're tiny and cute, I can't pass them by. I certainly don't have room for them.

Sunday, we had an Edible Books Festival at the library. I decided to decorate a cake, so I came up with this:
It's the Rainbow Fish. I started out with a small white cake that was already frosted, added the round pieces for scales. I then added a pop tart for the top fin and a candy bar for the tail and covered them in frosting to match the side fins.
There were 12 submissions, three of them being the Very Hungry Caterpillar. One was even made out of green and red veggies/fruits, very cool. Mine won Best Use of Color.
We had to hurry the judging, because there was a storm in the area. Once everyone had won something, we scurried into the bathrooms because a tornado had been sighted in the area. We did take some of the edible works, and read books in the bathroom. It was one of my more interesting days at work.

I have a question for my readers. I see Google reader will be gone in July. Does anyone have a recommendation for a substitute? Thanks

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