Friday, May 24, 2013

Interesting day

I left my house kinda early this morning, hoping to make it to a sale that said Pyrex in the ad. I got there and didn't find any. I'm not a big fan of the Pyrex containers, but I got a mixing bowl a few years ago, and I love that, I keep hoping to find more.
My next stop promised antiques and vintage. There were a few old bottles, but I didn't really think there was that much to put in the ad. I did find a few things to buy though:
 A Thank You book illustrated by Mary Engelbreit, a snowman candle, a cute horse, a star, and a primitive looking angel. I haven't been in any swaps lately, but everytime I go out shopping, if I see something that would be good for a swap, I buy it. I should stop. The candle was for me, because I totally don't need more snowmen. The horse is also for me, I have a tiny collection. The star and angel are for my mother, it's never too early to start shopping for Christmas. I find if I do it throughout the year (and wrap them), I'm less stressed by the time December gets here.
The next sale, I thought was on the other side of town, I'm so glad I stopped and looked at my map. I also walked by a park that used to have a pool in it that I spent many years in as a kid. I knew they had closed the pool, I just wasn't aware they had taken it out already, I was kinda bummed to see that.
The pail is for my mother, the purse and candles for swaps, and I just couldn't resist the cute frog bag.
The bowl says Japamese porcelain ware decorated in Hong Kong. The utensils say silver plated, Italy, the fork is pretty tarnished. I love the tarnish on silver, I think it adds character. I thought they were actually silver when I picked them up, but they're still cool.
The last sale I went to claimed linens in the ad, I didn't see many of those.
I LOVE the DREAM piece, I still haven't found a place for it. The elephant is stone, I have a collection of those too. And the tiny stamp is a bee. The person had some kind of app on her Ipad to figure out totals. I decided it was a total fail, or she wasn't quite sure how to use it, because she told me the wrong total. I corrected her and paid her. I'm not great at math either, but this was pretty simple.
I figured with all my walking today, I walked over 30 blocks, I don't know how many miles that is, but I think I should pack water next time.

After, I had to go to the grocery store, as I'm waiting to check out the lady in front of me is getting scratch tickets, multiples. So, the clerk's helping her, and then another worker comes up and tells her to stop saying the lady did the same thing in a town over and the routing number on her check had been changed. She said her kids did it, got a little flustered and when he called the manager over, she left. So, not only are you passing bad checks, you also blamed it on your kids, I'd love to be in your family. Of course, people will have their kids get library cards and rack up overdue fines and lost items on them so they go to debt collect and get credit reported without a second thought. Sometimes I just don't trust people.

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