Monday, May 20, 2013

Last week

A few highlights from last week. Here's the tag I made for my mother for Mother's Day:
 After lunch we went to a local garden, where they had an exhibit with lots of sculptures and tulips blooming. I loved this grasshopper.


 Here are a couple of the tulips I liked. If anyone knows what kind they are, can you let me know in the comments? Thanks.

 This tiny gnome is a permanent piece.
 This piece looked like it was metal with an iridescent film over the top.
 Another cute tulip
 These were the coolest sculpture. From across the gardens, you could see the white side and I thought it was a swan, as we got closer, you could see they were two whales. The white one is made from plastic, the black one is rubber.
 Wednesday, I went to the mall to try and spend my Christmas gift certificate from JC Penneys. I found these neat shirts in the guys section. My favorite is the giant skull.
 When I got to work, I found our summer reading program shirts had come in, so I picked mine up.
I shouldn't complain about not having cool shirts now.

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