Thursday, December 13, 2012

Festival of Trees

A few weeks ago, I went to our local festival of trees. Here are some interesting ones.
 This one was a little weird, it was decorated by a local clothing store. They chose to attach the torso to the middle of the tree and then decorate the bottom of the tree.
 I love the silver and blue on this tree.
 Love the pink and green together on this tree.
 This one was decorated with corks. I've seen a few trees floating around the internet with this decorating pattern, I don't understand what's so cool about it.
 Loved the light green, blue and bright colors on this one. It was available for bid, but it went too high for me.
 Another one with blue and green.
 And another one, are we seeing a pattern here.
 This one my mom liked. We have an ISU tree that we decorate with red and gold ribbon/beads, and ISU ornaments. We top it with an ISU Santa hat, and put all mom's ISU Santa's underneath.
 There was also an art auction going on, they do one every year to raise money for the Octagon (an art studio). Here's what I put in the winning bid for:
This is a plastic chicken, it's probably a foot and a half long and a foot tall, it's feet are bent over so it stands on them. I just thought it was funky.
 This is a painting of poppies, I thought they were cute
 This last one I only bid on for the keychain. They're both pieces of leather with patterns stamped into them. I don't wear headbands, so I don't know what I'm going to do with it.

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