Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Still cleaning out

Last weekend, we had my mother's side of the family Christmas. We also took more things from my grandma's apartment. Here's what I found.
Some embroidered dish towels:
 They're so pretty, I don't want to use them.
An embroidered heart, October angel, the bug is a top from a candle holder, and a mouse ornament:

My grandma collected Avon bottles, the shoe and owl she had in her bathroom for as long as I can remember, I liked the frog, they are all now in my bathroom. The snowman is a candle holder.
 A Pyrex casserole dish, I love the blue color and snowflake pattern, an owl hand towel and an unopened peach gift set.

We didn't have enough room in the car to bring everything back, so the next box is coming later.

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