Thursday, December 13, 2012

The reason I love this season is that I get to give gifts to people, more so than the rest of the year. I love picking out things I think they'll like.
This past Sunday, we had my mother's side of the family Christmas. One of my cousin's kids seemed kinda bummed, so when we got home I put together a stocking for her, and since her brother is younger I didn't want to leave him out. I mailed them off today, they don't know about my blog, so I'm not spoiling any surprises. I just pulled things from around my house, the only thing I spent money on was shipping.
This first one is for her brother. I hope he'll like the stocking, it's not really boyish. I included a couple wind-up toys, some bug goo, and a bag of mint M&M's. I took the M&M's to the get together, and he really enjoyed them there.
 This next one was for her. The stocking is from my vintage stocking swap partner from last year. I included a butterfly clip, some lip gloss, a choker, a cute bird ornament, a snowflake ornament, journal,
 a couple more necklaces, some fingernail polish, some lotion, a pair of earrings, a "bobbing" chicken (he dances from side to side in the sun), and a cute sun catcher.
I think they're both fun stockings for kids.

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