Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I don't read so well

Or maybe even not at all. I picked up a copy of Taste of Home magazine in November, and there was this offer to get something for $10, plus a free copy of the magazine. So, I sent my money in and wondered why I kept getting envelopes about renewing my subscription. I ignored them. Today, this was waiting in my mailbox:
I haven't really looked at it, but I'm excited to. I'm not too bummed about not getting a subscription, I really don't like the new look/style of their magazine. I think this was a better deal anyway, I LOVE their books.

This was also waiting in my mailbox today:

Some fun gifts from Donna of Brynwood Needleworks. I sent her a package a few weeks ago, read about it here. I love how she collects acorns, so when I saw an ornament in a shop, I had to get it for her, along with some other things. I love how she addressed my package to The Frog Palace (my other blog and my Etsy shop).

I've always wanted one of her ATC's as well, it's actually kind of funny I got it today (more on that later).

Thank you Donna.

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