Monday, July 26, 2010


UGH!!! I'm having troubles with certain people.
I was informed that one of my jobs was ending at the end of this month, so when I applied to return to the book store in August, I took that into account, I also thought of it when we were asked our availability for fall at the library, which starts in August. Today, I'm informed that we will be open in August, and I don't know what to tell my boss about my schedules. I already know my schedule for the book store and that would mean I'm coming in late (I will honor the book store and library schedules as I gave them the information I had at the time), I don't know my library schedule as of yet, still waiting on that. But, I honestly don't know what to say to my boss. I want all the extra money I can make until the job ends, but how am I supposed to plan ahead when the information I'm given keeps changing?

Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big storms early this morning

We had some pretty big storms this morning with lots of rain and wind. I woke up about 2:30-2:45 this morning to the rain, was going to turn on my radio and go back to sleep, but the power cut out about 2:45, all I could really think about was that I just bought quite a bit of frozen food and milk. At about 5, the power popped back on, I was woken up by my air conditioner, I decided I needed to at least set the 2 clocks in my bedroom, because I knew they'd bother me even in my sleep, did that and it went back off for about a minute, so I set them again.
When I left for work, I ran into my parents sweeping up not so tiny, but not huge branches. At my neighbors house, they had about half a tree fall down, at least it didn't hit the house, here's some pics:
That huge branch is the half of tree. When I got to work there was a pretty big puddle around one of the doors, one of my co-workers came in about 12:30 and said her part of town was still out of power, over by the football stadium. I had a patron tell me, their neighbors had a tree fall on a car and that there were tons of trees and branches down along 13th St. I just read about a tree that fell on a house at 9th and Duff, not that far from my house. Here and here are some stories about the storm, and here are some more pics I took on my way home from work.

Friday, July 09, 2010


One thing I liked about working at the art store, people knew what was in it before they came in. If they weren't looking for art supplies, they had no need to come in, and most likely didn't.
I just had some people that stayed in here for 50 minutes, looking at stuff, killing time essentially and DIDN'T BUY A DAMN THING!!!! They most likely came in for the same reasons as most people do nowadays because of the big sign in the window that says storewide sale 25% off, which means the whole store, to see if they could find something cheap, or they were just killing time until something happened.
I know most stores get people that are killing time, but I know we get it a lot more than other stores, they're either waiting for their pizza (Pizza Hut is right next door and it's carry-out or delivery only), waiting for someone to get their haircut or waiting for their haircut time (Great Clips is 2 doors down), or waiting for their wife/girlfriend, etc to finish shopping in Jo Ann Fabrics (which is 5 doors down) or Hobby Lobby (which is 5 doors the other way). And I get so many people now that when I say the store is closing reply, oh that's too bad I always love coming in here and LOOKING. I always want to retort back and ask them how often they ever buy anything!!!
I had 6 people in here at once tonight (that's pretty huge) and not a single one of them bought anything.

Mostly I'm annoyed with the ones that spent the 50 minutes in here just slacking off and didn't buy anything. They are the biggest reason we are going out of business.

And then, one of them asks me if we can call the owner to ask them a question about a display game. I give them the number of the store and told them they'd have to call in the morning when the owner was here. They calls the number, and guess what I picked up, and they say I gave them the wrong number and can we call the owner right now. OK, if the owner's not here, it means they're off somewhere else most likely doing something personal, I'm not going to give out their personal number.

Can't you tell I'm a little annoyed??? Sorry, had to rant.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

My weekend

OK, this might turn into a long post, now you're warned.
My birthday wasn't as exciting as I hoped it would be, got myself all psyched up for nothing.
Mom and I ended up going to Perry, had to go a different way as there was water over Hwy 30, we had directions, but mom decided to veer off those directions and get us lost a couple times (if we had followed the directions we would have been fine). We get to Perry and go to a couple shops before it was time for our reservation at the tea room for lunch. The one thing that was really good at the tea room was the drink I had, which isn't saying much for them, I guess the soup and the cream puff were pretty good too. I had a quiche which was lukewarm, but since I was so hungry, I didn't complain, then I had bread pudding for desert (if you know me, I LOVE bread pudding), unfortunately their bread pudding had pretty much no taste to it.
After lunch, we hit a few more stores. I was looking for something really cool to buy (I had taken out $75 from my bank acc't and my dad had given me $40), unfortunately I didn't find it. We finally decided to hit an antique mall in Boone before heading home. Now, I did find a few cool things there, including some stuff that I'm adding to the giveaway.
I bought a jar full of jewelry misc for $7.50, this pile is what I'm keeping for myself.
This bag is what I'm adding to the giveaway. There's quite a few brooches, a bunch of metal watch links (this lady must have really loved these because she had at least 2 jars full of just these). GIVEAWAY ALERT
I also bought a jar of old buttons for $5.00. I haven't sorted them out yet, but I guarantee some of them will be added to the giveaway. GIVEAWAY ALERT
I also bought this cute pink silk handkerchief for $2.00, and some green tatting for $1.00

After we got done in Boone we headed home and decided to go to Red Lobster for supper, which was great. I had a mudslide and lobster and shrimp.
Saturday, Kevin took me to the Good Guys Car show, I will add the very few pictures I have from that to my Sweet Rides blog. Very few because even though I brought all 3 of my batteries, when I had to change one, I found out the others were dead. Needless to say I was a little annoyed, though it was kinda fun to wander around and not worry about taking pictures of all the cool ones like I did the last time I went.
After the car show, we went to his parents house in Cedar Rapids and stayed there until Tuesday, having a nice relaxing few days. Sunday, we went to eat at Hu Hot, and then watched the fireworks. Monday, we went to eat at Pei's and then traveled to Kalona for cheese, of course the cheese factory wasn't open, so we headed down the road to an Amana store where I bought dried mangoes and papaya, some caramel puffs, and some multi flavored twizzler things. When I was in Hawaii, I bought some dried mangoes and they were really sweet, I was thinking these might be the same, but they are soo good, I wish I'd bought more than one bag. After that we headed into Riverside and to the casino. This was my first time at a casino, I played some Blackjack and won $20.00. After that we headed back to his parents place.
Tuesday, we basically got up and left, more or less. And then of course we both had to go to work when we got back here.
Wednesday, I got to hang out with my friend Loretta and her puppies, we went to Ankeny to Petsmart. We also took a jump over to Micheal's and I didn't spend any money. That's a huge first for me. I guess I'm still looking for that something really cool to buy.
I know I shouldn't really complain, but I'm little disappointed in the gifts I didn't get for my birthday. I guess the trip to Perry along with some clothes (which to me, coming from my parents are never gifts) were my mom's gift to me, plus going out to supper. My brother sent me a $100 gift certificate for, which I sent him my wish list for amazon, he could have picked out $100 worth of stuff and sent it to me, though it is nice to pick out my own stuff, as I did already order a book that wasn't on my list. Kevin took me to the car show and bought me lunch, but still. Ya know, it's a little more fun when you get actual presents. I think I'm just moody, because I did get to do fun things, but I don't know. Maybe it's just because I haven't found that really cool thing yet. Who knows. I also didn't get a single piece of mail on my birthday, it would have been cool to get something unexpected. I did get a card from my aunt, who by the way is great at remembering my birthday (probably other people in her family's too) and sending out cards.
I feel as if I haven't really had much time to pause since I got back from my mini vacation. I got home, had to go to work, went to bed, got up did laundry, mowed the lawn, jumped in the car with Loretta, went shopping, went to work, went to bed, got up this morning, went grocery shopping, went to work, came home changed clothes, went to my other job, and now I'm relaxing a bit in front of the computer.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

So, today's my birthday and like I promised, here's a giveaway for you:
There's a box of 4 light blue Christmas ornamens, 2 tins filled with stuff, an old book, a painted picture, 2 jar/cups, a tiny plastic box, a set of 'turquoise' earrings and brooch, a butterfly pin, a bear pin, and a wooden bird house. And maybe some other things, I am going shopping today, maybe I'll find something wonderful to add to the pot.
Here's a close-up of some of the little stuff. The smaller tin is filled with miniatures, pins and some buttons.
This is the book you'll be getting.
All you need to do is leave me a comment.
I would appreciate it you blogged about it, that will give you an extra chance but it's not required
This will be open for the month of July, so you have until July 31st to enter. I will draw a winner on August 1st.