Friday, May 21, 2010

More pictures

So here are the shirts I bought on Tuesday. I hope the pictures aren't too dark, I took them in my bedroom, which is dark all by itself because of the dark chocolate curtains I have up, plus the dark brown bedspread they are on. I tried to lighten them up in Picasa, I hope it worked.
First up, is this swirly blue T-shirt, it was about $7.00.
This one's more green than the picture shows, think more of a kelly green. This was about $4.00
This one's more of an olive drab green, it's a cute little sweater, only think I don't like is that it's got too wide of a weave at the top, and will show anything through it, so looks like I'll be wearing my black bra or another shirt underneath it. This was about $9.00
This is more of a magenta colored shirt, not quite sure why it turned out so orange. It's about the same color as the sweater below. It was $4.00
This one's about the right color. It's a cute little sweater that I figured I could wear over tank tops to get around the no tank top rule. It was about $11.00

Those are the shirts/tops I got at Target, keep in mind all those prices were on sale. Now, I know Target claims they have pretty good cheaper stuff, and I admit it is cheaper than some places, but most of the stuff I look at are going to be pretty plain T-shirts, so it makes more sense to just shop at Walmart, course I didn't find any of these tops at Walmart.

These next pictures are from my trip to the mall today. Our mall pretty much sucks, I will be one of the first to admit that, I have no loyalty to our mall. It did used to be good with more than just clothing stores and jewelry shops. We used to have a KB Toys, I don't know if they exist anymore but it was a pretty cool toy store; we also used to have a Baskin Robbins (those don't seem to exist anymore), and a nice cookie store, plus a bookstore and a music shop. The toy store went out a long time ago, we lost the Baskin Robbins awhile ago too, now we have a Cookies Etc, which isn't too bad. The bookstore, was Waldenbooks, but since we got Borders, they moved out and we got a black-lighted mini golf place instead. The music store, Sam Goody went out a few years ago, we got an exercise equipment store there, and then they moved out as well. We used to have a Hardee's where you could sit in a bi-plane and eat, that moved out and a Diamond Dave's moved into half of it with a small pizza shop in the other half, then Diamon Dave's moved out as well as the pizza shop and now we have a hair salon there. We also used to have a nice Sears, first they got rid of the clothing and filled up with more appliances, then we lost it altogether and a Halloween boutique comes in every year. We can still get Sears appliances at the Kmart in the south part of town. Our movie theater became a dollar theatre, I hear it has pretty good movies, but I don't go to movies that much anymore.
So now, we have clothing stores, shoe stores and jewelry stores plus a few eateries and misc stores.
I went to JC Penney and Younkers today. My tennis shoes are completely shot and I was very pleased to find the exact same shoes (they've been great to me) on sale at Penney's. I've always liked Penney's, they seem to have some pretty cute stuff when I go there, though I did limit myself to only the shoes even though they were having a sale. The shoes were about $50.00 on sale, normally they're about $70.00
My next stop was Younkers, I still had my $50 gift card from Christmas, but I haven't found anything cute yet. They were having a sale plus an extra so much % off stuff, so I figured it couldn't hurt, my main reason was to get some longer skirts for work, you'll see those below, but I figured I should check out the sandals as well.
These are made by Provo. The lady I talked to, says she wears them at work all day and can still walk at the end of the day. These are in a bronzey color, I got this color because 1. I alread have black sandals, 2. they looked great with the skirts and 3. it was nice to get a different color, it really brightened stuff up nicely. These were about $43.00 with the sale and extra %15 off. Normally they're $70.00, great deal there.
This is more purpley than the picture shows (yes those are my feet, I had the skirt on my bed, and stood on my bed to get a good picture). I got this one because it's a little more dressy than any of the other dresses and skirts I have, plus it's a springy dressy. It was about $20.00 with the sale and the extra 20% off, regularly it would be $40.00. Sounds like a good deal to me.
This skirt is the whole reason I went in, I saw it on their website, and hoped they had it in the store. It hits about the top of my feet, and makes me feel so good (I'm wearing it now and plan to wear it to work tonight. It was about $24.00 on sale and with the extra 20% off, normally it would be $48.00, also a great deal.

Even with my gift card and the sales I still spent $43.00. That is totally the reason, I don't shop at these stores when things aren't on sale. Like I said before Penney's usually has cute stuff, but I do have a very hard time finding good stuff at Younkers, now I don't have to worry about my gift card.
I should be well set with work now too. What with 5 new tops, a new pair of shoes, 2 new pairs of sandals and 2 new skirts, I shouldn't have to worry any time soon. I sure am gonna hate it when my credit card bill shows up, but they were kind of needed purchases. I needed new shoes, I needed something else to wear on my feet for the warmer months and I did need more t-shirts, the skirts were just a bonus, but I sure won't be buying any new clothes for awhile.

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Baskin Robbins still exists in the northwest. There are at least half a dozen in a 10 mile radius around my house.