Friday, May 28, 2010

More Garage Saleing

So, I spent almost $32.00 at one garage sale today. And I found out a couple things aren't going to work for my purposes, but oh well.
This is a miniature piggy bank, it was $.50
This is an earring and necklace set, unfortunately, the necklace is a little tight for my neck, I figured I can always pass it along to someone else. It cost $2.50
Here are some pretty cool looking beads I picked up for $1.00
The four tiny boxes at the top I got for $3.00, the plate of grapes was $.50, the egg man was $1.00, the tiny group of items was $1.00, and the two fuzzy bears were $.50 GIVEAWAY ALERT: at least 2 things in this picture will be in the giveaway, one of them being a bear.
The two flowers were $1.00, I figure I can use them as embellishments on something, they're a really cute green and white plaid, the Hello Kitty clip was $.50, and the leopard clip, which I figured I'd use as embellishment was $.50
Am I the only person that buys necklaces and pins for the charms on them? The two necklaces on the ends were $2.00 each, and the one in the middle was $1.00
All these earrings were 2 for $1.00. I bought them all to use as embellishments.
You can't really tell, but the first pin is a bear with balloons and the second one is a mini angel with a sold sign on it, they were $.50
These were all $.50 each. I thought they'd make cool embellishments. I bought a smaller rose pin like the one above just last week at our antique mall, they match pretty well. GIVEAWAY ALERT: At least one of these will be in the giveaway, tell me what you like.
This little Christmas cup was $.50, add that to the cup I bought a few weeks ago, I now have a collection.
This shirt was $1.00, I tried it on after I got home, it doesn't fit that well, but if I start my 4 mile walks and doing sit-ups in the mornings like I plan to, it should fit nicer.

***EDIT*** If anyone wants this shirt, I will send it along in the mail. If there's more than one person I'll do a drawing. The lady said it was between a small and a medium. The reason it didn't really fit me is of the nice little stomach I've put on. The arms were a little tight on me, but I think it might be closer to a medium. The sleeves are probably 3/4 sleeves, the color's a little bit lighter than the picture. The white tank is connected to the shirt so it's all one piece.

This skirt was $1.00 as well, the tag says XL, but it must be a child's size, because I could barely get it up over my legs, but once again, if I start my 4 mile walks again, it should fit me next summer.

***EDIT*** If anyone wants this skirt for their child I will be happy to send it along. If there's more than one interested party, I'll draw someone.
Like I said, the tag says XL, the colors are pretty much the same as in the picture. When I shimmied it on, it sat about my knees, I'll measure it when I get home and edit this again. It's really cute, the lady said it'd never been worn.

I also bought some strands of beads, and some tiny wooden hanging signs. There were 2 reasons I went to this sale: 1. Jewelry galore, she did have a ton of this and 2. buttons, my Treasured Tin Swap partner likes vintage buttons, so I thought maybe there'd be some, there were buttons, but they weren't very cool. This sale was yesterday and today, I'm glad I didn't go yesterday, there probably was much more stuff there, and I sure didn't need to spend over $30 there.
I'm going to a couple more tomorrow, hopefully spend a little less. I did get $50 out of the ATM today, after taking $40 from my paycheck before depositing it, but I do believe I get paid from the library today, so I can handle it. I do need to step back on my spending, I will be working less at the library, unless I pick up at least one more weekly shift, or substitute for people going on vacation. We'll see, I like garage saleing though. Kevin got me started on it again last year, and it's not as much fun by myself, but it's still fun.

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