Friday, May 14, 2010


I really want to do something fun and exciting.
I've been trying to go to more garage sales now that the season is started, but it's just me going to them, not so much fun.
I'd love to have a cool thrift store or antique store to go to. Or a flea market, I've never been to one of those.
I was going to go to this cute little group of stores (sorta) we have here in town a few blocks from my house. It's called the Shoppes on Grand, and it's on Grand Ave, big surprise there. It used to be a whole bunch of separate little stores, now it's all one big one, but there's lots of little rooms. It used to be a house, so there are a lot of little rooms. And it's a great place to go every once in awhile, especially with a friend around lunch time, because there's also a tea room there and they have great food.
I think I'm really missing human interaction lately. Other than my 2 jobs, I really don't interact with people that much. I love the people I work with, especially at the library, where it's not just me for a certain time period.
But, I don't really have any close friends here. My best friend lives in Des Moines, which is about 45 min south from here, so I don't see her very often. Another good friend lives about 45 min north of here, she does come to town pretty often, but I've been working Mon - Wed mornings at the library and every night I'm working at one place or the other. I don't get to see Kevin that much anymore, usually only on Mondays (cause he works 6 days a week, 12 hr nights, and Sunday is his night off), last week he said, he wouldn't be surprised if they were working 7 days a week starting this weekend, I'm holding onto the hope that that's not true, but even if it isn't, he will be working 7 days a week really soon.
I don't do much outside of my apartment, I go to the grocery store, walk to Target and Walmart, but that's all by myself. My parents are trying extremely hard to know about my life more, but I really don't see why they need to know, it feels like they want to know what I'm doing every minute of my life, and that's a little annoying.

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Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi WW,

I see that you are a mixed media artist...are there any creative groups that gather from time to time, what about the community center? Do they pull in groups with common interest.

I do know what you mean about not much interaction. I'm a real homebody and prefer it that way but I do love people too...I think that's one reason why blogland has worked so grand for me. I never feel alone..there someone to talk to anytime I want to.

But still I know what you are talking need the human interaction with around your area and see what kind of artistic avenues you can find...that would be my first approach.

Thanks so much for coming by my blog..I have laughed and laughed over your comment about the disembodied head vase...LOL But She is CUTE, right! haha

Drop by anytime..
Stephanie ♥