Monday, January 18, 2010


I've noticed lately, I'm becoming more girly. I believe it's because of a mix of Kevin telling me I look hot in certain things and me having more confidence in myself.
I have been buying more cute/sexy lingerie, and saying I'm buying it for Kevin, but I feel so hot and in a great mood when I wear it. I was JCPenney's yesterday and picked up a cute baby doll/thong sleepwear set. Kevin at the moment is at his parents home, but I told myself it was an extension of his birthday gift. I tried it on last night, and it put me in a really good mood, I looked pretty damn good in it too.
Also, while I was in HI, I kept saying how certain dresses and skirts I saw in store windows were really cute. I even bought myself a couple, and I really like how I look in them. I feel really girly.
And today, I think this is a huge step, I bought myself this wallet. OK, this isn't just one I can stick in my back pocket, this is one that I have to carry in a purse.
My wallet that I carry in my pants pocket, is way too big, now that I re-stuffed it with all my essentials after getting back from vacation. It's way too packed full, and kinda makes my butt go numb when I sit on it. Not a nice combination. I have been eyeing this wallet on Etsy for awhile now, and considered it when I bought the one I have now. I told myself when I had the money I'd get it. Well, when I had the money I kept telling myself I didn't want to be dependant on a purse. I still don't, but with all the extra stuff I carry around (sunglasses on sunny days, my calendar, my checkbook, and at times my camera), it's way too much to shove in my pants and coat pockets.
I also got a pretty cute bag from Glamour when I renewed my magazine subscription with them, only problem: it's got one huge pocket and no closure. I'm looking into sewing (obviously not professionally) a zipper into it, I figure, as long as I put a black zipper in with black thread, it shouldn't look too bad. I had bags with no closure.

I've watched a few good movies lately. My parents got me G-Force for Christmas, the real reason I wanted it, was because it had guinea pigs in it. I finally watched it the other day (sometime last week), and I really liked it. Sure some of the scenes where the government is chasing in their SUVs guinea pigs in guinea pig balls aren't really realistic, but how realistic do you think you're going to get with talking guinea pigs as government agents?
I also watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that's also pretty good. The only thing I really didn't like, is when Logan is looking at his "claws" in the mirror at the old couple's house, they look really fake. You can very well tell in that scene that they're CGI'ed in. I loved the story line and the new mutants they introduced. It was also nice that Logan's loss of memory was explained, though it was hard accepting him having a normal life and a woman he loved.
I watched Monsters Vs Aliens as well, that one wasn't as good. It was still good, but with all the previews, you knew what was going to happen for about half the movie.

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