Friday, January 22, 2010

Pics & a weird commercial

I've uploaded my pics from Hawaii to Picasa, go here to see them. It keeps popping up with a message about stack overflow or something like that, I thought it meant I had too many pics, but I deleted some, and it keeps doing that. So, if you get that message, just click ok until it goes away, if anyone knows the secret to get it to stop doing that, I would love to know how.

Also, I was watching TV last night and saw this commercial. A guy wakes up to a not so pretty overweight snoring girl, he looks over at the nightstand and sees a bottle of alcohol with a glass next to it. The voiceover says something about how people can forget a one-night stand as the guy slips out of bed, grabbing his clothes and wandering downstairs. Then he sees a wedding picture of him and the chick, and the voiceover says something like unless its every night of your life. Then it flashes to a black screen with a site name with an O, the o being a gold ring falling over and underneath it says life is short. Have an affair. I'm curious what's on the site, but I don't want anything like that on my history. But, who advertises for someone to be unfaithful in their marriage on TV? I thought that was the weirdest thing.

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Julie Ann said...

LOL- I have so seen those commercials. I forgot what site they're for... Ashley Madison maybe? I think they're ridiculous, but amusing! I wonder if people really take their advice- lol.

PS Gorgeous pictures of Hawaii!!!