Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it Christmas yet?

WOW! I am so ahead on Christmas presents this year. I was wrapping some the other day. I have had mom's presents since January (and I didn't lose them, go me), I've had one of Kevin's since the middle of October, and the other day I went to Target and Walmart and saw some stuff for Kevin, Ross, and chocolate for the family. I decided I was already there and, unlike some of the people that come into the store where I work, I bought it then.
I don't get why people go into little locally owned stores to get "ideas" for Christmas. We're not the big stores, there's no guarantee we'll have those items when they come back to buy them. We hope we will, but we're always selling out of things and then we order new ones, but who knows when they'll come in. What's so wrong with buying them now, you can do what I did and wrap them as well and then you're way ahead of the crowd. I always wanna say something snooty when they don't buy at that moment. I have had a few customers come back with their lists and then the thing they're looking for isn't there and they get all upset. I completely understand little kids with their lists, but when it's grandma making the list (and of course, I know nothing about the customers), I don't see why you can't buy now. But, oh well, we get a lot of business around Christmas, because everyone buys toys for kids for Christmas.

I realized the other day, I am so ready to get away. For some reason, patrons are annoying the heck out of me. Like yesterday, I was working a bball game, and I watched a lady get out on one of our busiest streets. It was a totally reckless and stupid thing to do, the car stopped, in the middle of the street (next to the sidewalk, but in the middle) and the lady proceeded to get out. Thankfully, the person behind them stopped quite a ways back, but how lazy do you have to be to put so many people in danger just to drop someone off at a game. How hard is it to drive around the corner and do it at a safer place? I was completely appalled by it, and was tempted to say something to the lady once she got up the stairs, but we were busy by then and I didn't. If I had, I could just see her getting all upset with me and need to chat with my supervisor.

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