Friday, November 13, 2009

I just want to use your love tonight

You really can't explain some things to some people. I had a lady in the store tonight, and I said how it would be a good night because a local radio station was playing 80's Friday Night. And she gave me the weirdest look. I tried explaining it to her, but knew it was no use.
I grew up with music. If I have a bad day, I have certain songs to listen to. When Karli went through her cancer, I had certain songs that would console me if I was bummed. If I really want to listen something that always sounds good, I listen to Bruce Springsteen, he can brighten any day. I think my favorite of his is Untitled or Stolen Car or Brothers Under the Bridge. There's so many that are soo good. Some songs just fit any mood. But, some people just don't get that. Every time I hear Time of Your Life by Green Day, I think of my high school senior picnic. Run by George Strait immediately makes me think of 9/11. I'm brought back to my childhood by Don't Stop Believin' by Journey or Right Now by Van Halen or Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses. Welcome to Jungle also reminds me of when they came here for their concert and I didn't go home until 2:45 in the morning.
I've kinda run into that with Kevin, he never understands why I'm always listening to music. He listens to it, to have a background noise, but rarely does he say anything about a certain song.

What songs remind you of events in your life or soothe you?

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