Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello hotties

I'm watching Flashpoint tonight (right now), and something really bothers me. The dad in the hospital grabs the cop's gun, but if this show was realistic, he wouldn't have been able to do that, because cop's gun holsters have this little strap that snaps over the handle of their gun and prevents things like that from happening. EDIT: Kevin has informed me that if the cop has a crappy cheap holster, there wouldn't be a strap, and that it has happened because of that. (I hate being wrong, but I will admit it)
Another thing that bothers me is they show the scenario they're in (the SRU guys) right at the beginning, and then they rewind to how their day starts (person that starts the scenario and SRU guys day).
And, Goddess failed to mention how HOTT the SRU guys look in their uniform. You'd think that would be the first sentence on her blog.

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*Goddess* said...

I'm too busy drooling over Hugh to care about anyone else at this point;)