Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

This is it, I'm officially an adult. I've passed the last landmark to be an adult: 16 - get your driver's license, 18 - vote, 21 - drink, and now 25 - insurance changes and I can rent a car.

No giant plans here. Last night my brother came up and we went to Applebee's for supper and Hickory Park for dessert, I got a Target gift card from him (I just wish I could convert it into cash, that would do so much better for me at the moment). I'm getting together with Loretta today after I finish at the library, and tomorrow my parents and I are going out to supper for my mom's and my birthdays (hers is tomorrow)

And yesterday was HAPPY NO MORE SMOKING IN BARS AND RESTAURANTS IN IOWA Day!!!! If you can't tell, I'm pretty happy.

A question for my female readers: I bought a cute white shirt the other day, only problem, it's very see-through. So, do I layer it with another shirt undeneath, or do I just walk around with my bra showing? Thoughts would be nice.


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday :)

I would layer it.

*Goddess* said...

Happy Birthday.

I wouldn't layer it;) and I'd wear a black bra underneath. I see this all the time now.