Saturday, January 19, 2008

You gotta satisfy your heart

It's -9 degrees here. That's the coldest it's been all winter, can't say I'm looking forward to going to work.
Goddess tipped me on some of the officers in my city (Oh no, now you all will know where I'm from, the horrors) dragging a person out of a burning car. Go here for a video and story about it. They are receiving the Award of Valor, the highest honor an officer can receive. Kevin had told me about this the day after it happened. The one officer Hertz, had only been out of training for about a week, and now he can say he actually saved a life on his job. How cool would that be, how long does it really take for an officer to be able to say that because of his direct actions he saved a life?
Other things happening this week. It's cold, oops that was mentioned above. Kevin had his birthday on Tuesday, it was nice, I took him to Red Lobster, and then I had to send him home because I've had a cold all week and wasn't feeling great then. I'm looking for a job AGAIN. The job I have now is moving to a city north of us, and I won't be going with it. So, that means I'm looking for another one. My coworker told me I have to know what I want: job with benefits, job with money, or job that I enjoy, etc. I don't know. Personally I'd just like to make enough money covering my bills but I know that if I don't enjoy it, I'm going to be a bitter person.
I think that's all. Enjoy.


Carrie said...

Super Wal-Mart is hiring, and I hear it's easy to get promotions at Family Video. The Parks and Rec department also has a bunch of stuff available, as does the school district.

Good luck. Finding a job sucks.

*Goddess* said...

Your co-worker is absolutely correct. Don't just say you want a job that will pay the bills because that's all you'll get and it's not really true is it? Don't you want lots of money to go on trips or buy music or clothes, vids, etc?