Friday, January 11, 2008

I must complain...

Unfotunately, on some things, I'm not allowed to, Goddess has already gotten an earful, and if you're interested email me. I plan to complain once things get a little better and I'm in a different situation.
But about some things, I can complain.
Yesterday, Kevin and I went to Applebee's for supper, and I tried to order a mudslide (cause I do love me a good mudslide), unfortunately I ran into a problem. My ID is expired and they wouldn't give me one. It makes no sense, because I didn't get younger in the year and a half since it expired (yeah, I'm a little slow), I could understand if the picture didn't look like me, then it could be a fake, but the picture looks just like me. I just had no real reason to go get it renewed (and the fact I'm not so intrigued in convincing the DL people, I want a non-driver's ID again). So, now that I'm unable to get myself some alcohol when I have a bad day (those things I can't complain about), I must go and deal with it.
Anyone wanna explain this policy to me? Do I still have any cops reading this?

Also, wanna complain about my crappiness lately, part of it is my bad mood about certain things, but the other part, I don't know what it's about. You all know I'm not into visiting doctors, but seeing as how I've been feeling crappy for awhile, I'm thinking about it.
Last night, I finally sat down (after a day of standing for 6 hours and walking around), and my legs were totally exhausted. And today I wake up, they're still exhausted and the rest of me isn't too happy either. Wednesday, after standing 8 hours (between my two jobs), my legs hurt soooo much, after taking a short nap they were fine, but I've never had them hurt that much.
Maybe I just need a break from standing, lucky for me, I only have 2 more days of work, then I can relax (at least for one day, gotta go deal with that ID issue on Monday).

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Carrie said...

As far as the ID thing goes, there have probably been cases of people giving their expired IDs to younger siblings/relatives/friends who look like them. It's a crappy policy, but I guess I can understand it. If you're willing to shell out some extra cash, you could always get a passport. It's bulkier, but it's valid for 10 years.