Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You're my Mississippi Princess

Life is good.
So, Saturday, Kevin and I went to the Fairgrounds for the Good Guys car show, they were expecting 3,000 cars and 9,000 people. There were way more than that. I got 199 pictures before my camera ran out of battery power, I still had 211 pictures left on my card, I was pissed. Most of my pics are Cameros and Chevelles, damn I love those cars (at least the late 60's early 70's models). Found a couple old squads as well as a couple impalas for the fairground cops. Almost got a pic of a couple hotties, but the cart they were in moved too fast :(
Got me a little sunburn too. Apparently there's a couple spots I can't reach on my back. Kevin said next time, he'll just have to do it for me.
Went to my uncles for a "birthday" celebration. I may or may not have scared Kevin away from my family. No offense to my dad's family or anything, but I'm not as big a fan of those get-togethers as I am of my mom's. In my dad's family, everyone is either way older or way younger than me, at least in my mom's family there are people closer to my age.
Sunday, we planned to go to an art fair, but I decided I wasn't interested anymore, so we went to Walmart instead, and then ended up at Kevin's apt which was about as hot inside as it was outside (close to 90 degrees) because one of his roomies won't turn the AC on. I was sitting there sweating, I didn't wanna move and exert any energy.
Yesterday, I woke up to it raining, so I went on part of my walk in the rain. Damn, I've needed that therapy for a LONG time. That felt great.

Finally got my birthday present from my brother. He nicely stuck to my list this year, I was surprised at the amount he sent me, but not complaining ;) Received Nickelback All the Right Reasons, The Pussycat Dolls, Kuffs DVD, and the TMNT trilogy.

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