Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cold and damp

So, I was debating what to write for a post, since I know you all have been waiting over a week. Then I read AD's post on perspective, and in turn I had to go to the cop's site and the nurse's site. And that was a tear-jerker (of course I'm a sap for those sad stories anyway). Please read their posts on perspectives. Start at the Cop, go to AD's and end up at the Nurse's.
No, nothing exciting happening in my life, I go to work, come home, wait for Kevin to get off work/watch TV/play on the computer, hang out with Kevin, go to bed and start the process all over again. Exciting huh?
Actually this week, I've been taking care of my parents house while they ran away for a tiny get away. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, but Thurs night I get home from work, and couldn't find their paper, so figured I'd call the paper people in the morning. Then it pours Thurs night, Friday morning, I get the weird feeling that someone is in their house (after getting my bathroom remodeled I can hear when someone's walking on the stairs), so I go downstairs, look around, go outside, and find the paper on the steps soaked. So, I brought it inside and unfolded it and layed flat to dry, most people would just buy a new newspaper. And today, I get to mow the lawn, and water plants, not really looking forward to that. Course I've put off getting out of bed until now (and most likely later), it's almost 2pm.
I found out from my dad that our condo week in Okoboji is open, so it looks like Kevin and I are going up there on the Sat it starts and coming back on Tues of that week, since neither of us can afford to take a week off. I hope that will last me til December when I might take a vacation. I haven't had a real vacation in a couple years, and after having a set schedule where I work, I hate not having a bit of time away from work (and before school).
I was debating posting about a couple things that have bothered me lately. They're just little quotes/sayings made by people I know (OK, it's only 2 things, but they've been bothering me).
The first one, I have a friend T, who I knew in HS, and had a couple of classes with in college. We started getting together for lunch after these classes to talk and eat. Well, after I graduated in Dec, I wanted to keep this tradition, but as I didn't have a job, I wasn't able to afford dinner, so we were going to cook each other dinner. This worked out for the time I went to her house, when I was going to reciprocate (yes, I was going to cook, OK it was a complete meal from a box, but still...), she kept saying her schedule didn't work, and then she just cancelled on me with no other date in mind. Then she sends me a "Free Gift" on facebook (an online community), with the message that My life is complicated. That annoyed me so much, the fact that I was actually happy with a job, and a guy, suddenly my life is complicated. I've been debating whether to blow up at her about that, because it's bullshit. It was like she was telling me it's ok if I have to schedule my life around her schedule to get together but GOD FORBID her do the same thing for me, when it's inconvenient to me to meet her schedule. If I did, it's not like I'd lose a great friend, we didn't hang out much in HS, we were in different groups. I think part of the reason we got together in college, was the fact that it was someone I knew in the class, that makes a huge difference no matter what year you are in school, if you know one person in a class, it makes it easier.
The other thing was said last weekend when Kevin and I were cuddling, I decided after it happened we were not going to that degree of cuddling again. It was a moment thing with a shitload of things happening, plus a mood I was in after finishing a book (Yes, I'm still a virgin, get over it). Anyways, he said something to the extent of "I'm glad life brought us together" I know it didn't mean anything, guys say tons of shit when they're turned on and getting something exciting. But I hate the idea that fate exists that something made us get together, and I figure there's something else that bugs me, but I'm not quite sure about what it is.
I just realized I didn't clue y'all in about my weekend at Kevin's parents house. It wasn't too bad, but I don't think I'm gonna get used to anyone sleeping in a bed with me anytime soon. We were in a king size bed, on complete opposite sides of the bed, I kept nudging him over when he got too close. And his family reminds me of mom's family when we have get-togethers, so I felt very comfortable there. It was fun, and I wouldn't mind going again sometime.
Alright, that's all you get, I gotta do some shit today.

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