Thursday, July 12, 2007

Instead of making me better, you're making me ill

Does it mean anything when a guy asks you to meet his parents?
Kevin wants me to go home with him this weekend, I want to, but of course George decided to come this week, so it's gonna depend on how I feel.
We've been dating officially for about a month, I'm thinking unofficially, about 2 months, and we've known (been getting together) each other since January.
Thoughts would be appreciative.

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Sodapop said...

It might mean something that he wants you to meet his parents. But in my experience, it really depends on the guy on whether "meeting the parents" means something more than just wanting a travel companion that happens to be "back home"

Being who I am, I would ask him what it means. I can't read minds and Iwould not want to assume anything. but that's up to you :)