Monday, July 02, 2007

24, already? When did that happen?

So, today is my birthday. Here's a list of what I want:
1. A guy (oops I got one of those)
2. A job (got one of those too)
3. Officer Anthony Pilutik to come visit and have some pics taken with him (good luck getting that one, huh?)
4. Pictures of my local cops (also not gonna happen)
5. Time with my friends (that may happen, having a little get together later)
6. Lots of comments (you all can help me with that)

So, Kevin and I were out today, and he said he finally found someone that makes him happy, that he can also make happy.
Also, I love being called his girlfriend, but it feels weird saying he is, or that I have a boyfriend

I love seeing my favorite cops on Cops, but it would be so much better to see new hotties.
Work has been slow, but we keep hoping for lots of customers buying $100 purchases.

And that is all the updates I have as of now. If anything fun and exciting happens, I'll let ya know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You really want to take pictures with me..... Aww how sweet. :-)

Officer Pilutik