Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quilts Galore

Lets begin with the really exciting news, shall we? Today was the grand opening of the library, and it was crazy. Not only did we have the whole city (probably not quite that many) inside, but we also had a musician, magicians, a balloon creator, our mascot, Smyles, Not Elmo and an author signing her books. Like I said, crazy. But, I believe everyone was overjoyed about us being open again and are excited about exploring the library and checking things out. The returns were nuts too, it's like everyone waited until today to return their items. I believe there's still quite a few that are not checked in yet, but they will be soon, so not to worry.
Yesterday, my mother and I went to a quilt show. Every time I go somewhere with either of my parents, I'm a little on edge. They always seem to bring up stuff I don't want to talk about. It's gotten way better now that we don't live so close. We had a somewhat pleasant lunch. She picks me up at the library, about 10 minutes later than she said she would, the part about her making my time not as important as hers has not changed (we make plans for a certain time, and she's never ready at that time, and I'm always waiting for her), and then she suggests a place to go for lunch, which I replied that I just went there on Friday. This place has about 10 things on the menu, and they're not that great, there's one thing I like, and I had it Friday. So, I ordered something that was the equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich, if I had known that I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm pretty sure it was a piece of processed American cheese, grilled. There was also way too much bread, so I took the top off and attempted to eat the bottom that was grilled a tiny bit too much.
Anyways, here are the quilts I really liked. Unfortunately, their not the greatest pictures.
This one had a lot of texture and buttons.
 This one was very metallic.
 This one was my favorite, with all the different sewing techniques and other things going on in it. I like the mixed media aspect of it.
 This one's hard to see, but there are two tiny gloves on it.
 This one was called Raggedy Ann and Andy.
 I like the flower on this one.
 This one was about the artists' husbands cancer. She had negative things about cancer outside the body and things he liked inside the body. She said it was a work in progress and she would add things as she found them.
 I didn't think this one was really a quilt. It looked like she had drawn with metallic paint crayons on the black background and added a few stitches.
 Also very cool stitching techniques.
I wish I had taken my camera and gotten some close-ups.

As you can see, I don't particularly like the regular quilting style, ok I do, I just like it when people do more.

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