Thursday, September 25, 2014

It was all downhill when I saw the buttons

Hello all, so what have I been doing other than filling out the hodgepodge? Not a ton actually, trying out our new media box at the library (it's kinda like a redbox), reading and checking out way too many books.
The other day, I made myself hamburgers, I'd never done that before. I know, it's sad, I'm 31 years old and I just made hamburgers for the first time. I made them Sunday afternoon/night and had all 4 eaten by Monday night. They were really good.
 I've been wanting to spend money on myself for awhile. I know I should be saving money and I'm trying, but it sucks. I recently joined a swap where we shop for our partners on Etsy, so I know someone's spending at least $25 on me, maybe more, but I still wanted to shop.
I also wanted to do a steampunky costume for Halloween, mostly because I have a top hat, ribbon and gears to add to it. I have a flowy skirt, so I was hoping to find some kind of top and wear some boots I just bought, but I've come up empty on things. My plan was to shop the thrift stores for clothing, but the one I thought might have some good pieces didn't have any here.
Anyways, on to my shopping trip today. I saw these cute button canisters:
 I mean, how cute are those? I don't have a place or need for them, so I didn't buy them. I also found a really cute perfume bottle, but didn't buy it.
My next stop had this cute sign:
 and a handmade cyclones care bear that I almost bought. But, it was about $15 and I really don't need it. I basically wanted it because it was ISU themed and handmade. It was really cute.
My next stop was a toy store where I wanted to buy a marble, but I didn't have any cash and most of the small businesses downtown have a minimum spending limit to charge. It also seemed kinda stupid to charge $.40 for a marble, I might go back later with some cash and buy it. In the basement I found what we all need:
 a giant lego head.
At my last stop, I saw the cutest steampunk jack o lantern, only it really wasn't:
 When I walked around the corner, I first saw the pumpkin and the clock. I thought the clock was attached somehow as an eye. Wouldn't that be cool to add other things to it for a steampunk jack o lantern?
My second to last stop was where I found the buttons. Here's what I bought:
 lots of vintage buttons ( 4 bags at $2 a piece, and a jar of buttons), a brass W (top left corner, it's kinda hard to see), a jack o lantern and a pewter pig.
These are my favorites:
 My favorite of all is that one above the yellow one. It is carved dark MOP, with a tiny white MOP piece attached in the middle. Anyone know anything about it? The yellow one and green one are both glass balls. Most of these are glass. The top two I'm not entirely sure about they're pretty light, but sparkly. The black one's a little hard to see, but it's got some flowers on it.
 The one behind the green one is metal with what looks like a mirror behind it, but it seems pretty new. The pink ones, the red/white one and the other white one are all plastic. I just liked them. The large copper one is metal. The fern ones at the bottom have ferns cut into them, I'm pretty sure they're glass too.
I miss buying vintage buttons. I knew it was all downhill when I saw the buttons, and then there was a minimum of $10 to charge, so I had to find more.

This weekend, there is an annual art festival, I'm hoping to find something cool there.

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