Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow

It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge, head over to Joyce's blog to see everyone else's answers.
1. Describe a typical Sunday from your childhood.
We didn't do anything different on Sundays, basically the big thing was reading the Sunday comics.
2. How comfortable are you with uncertainty? Explain.
I like to plan ahead. I think I got that from watching my mother as a kid. I like to plan so nothing comes as a surprise. There's some uncertainty about my job next year and the only way I know to deal with it is to stick my head in the sand. I can't really plan for it. If I plan for something I know I'll have everything I need when I need it. I always make sure I have everything in place before going places, that I don't have to worry about needing something I don't have.Granted I can't do that with all uncertainty, I can't do that medically. I have something I noticed this morning that I really can't do much about except go to the dentist and see how much money I have to spend on it. I really like to be self-sufficient and not depend on other people. I think I may have gone off topic somewhere in there.3. What have you accomplished recently that might be described as crafty, as in 'arts and crafts' crafty? If crafty doesn't work for you, how about handy? Or both?
This is the last thing I created. It was a 6x6 piece of artwork for a Halloween swap. Other than that, I haven't been creative at all lately. I really need to get back into my artwork, it really helps to calm me down. I don't have any swaps coming up (ok, I have one, I'm not too worried about it), and I do better with a deadline. I've been meaning to take my vintage hankies and make a stocking (or several, I have a lot) with them, but I haven't sat down to do it yet. I really should, then I could try to sell them on my Etsy shop, and make a little money off them.
4. Have you ever worked in a 'food place'? What did you take away from the experience?
No. My brother worked at KFC when I was younger and he would come home reeking of grease, his car, his clothes, he had to hang his winter coat on the back porch because it smelled so bad. I'm not sure I could. My nose is so sensitive that I get sick walking by several fast food places on my way to work.
5. Cold turkey, talk turkey, what a turkey...in recent days, which turkey phrase or idiom best applies to you and why? Click on the word turkey if you need to read more about the meaning behind each phrase.
I don't know, I don't pay attention to those.
6. If you could have any one guest join your Thanksgiving dinner table, who would it be?
Not a clue
7. What is one thing you must accomplish today?
Today (Tuesday, when I'm filling this out), I need to do my laundry. Nothing huge.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I usually try to have it done by Thanksgiving, I like to shop throughout the year, sometimes the best deals are right after Christmas. I was going to pick up some Dove peppermint bark the other day, but I told myself to wait, that was weird.
Last year, I spent way more than I should have/or could afford and told my family, I wouldn't be spending as much money on them this year. Whether or not they believed that, I'm not sure. I try to pick up gently used items at garage sales a lot. My mother collects Santas, my brother reindeer, so they're pretty easy to shop for. Though, I find it harder to find reindeer my brother would actually like. I have a few more items to pick up for them, I figured I'd hit downtown soon, and Target. My father is the hardest to shop for, he doesn't collect anything, he's legally blind, so I can't buy him books or movies. He told me earlier he had a couple more expensive things he wanted and I should just add money to those from my mother or brother.

I'm sorry, you can all hate me for my shopping habits.

On another note, we had our first snow yesterday, or at least our first sticking snow. We did have a tiny snow a few weeks back, but nothing stuck. I forgot about the snow until I opened my curtains this morning. It's not actually stuck to sidewalks or streets. I've seen people post on facebook that they didn't know where it came from, but if they were paying attention, they had been forecasting it since end of last week. I'm actually surprised we haven't had any until now, it's just that time of year.


Veronica and Daniel said...

Oh, laundry! It always seems to be on my "to do" list. We had our first snow as well - I'm so not ready for snow yet!! Happy Wednesday!

Joyce said...

I actually have made a decent dent in my Christmas shopping this year. I'm feeling pround of myself for already having my nephews gifts wrapped and mailed. That's a first for me in November!